The Brian Hamill Award
Brian was a long serving trustee of the Weight Lifting Foundation and sadly passed away in 2020. He had tremendous passion for and commitment to both the sport of weightlifting and to the Foundation and he was unstinting in his assistance to young lifters, clubs and schools. This was not just financially through the Foundation but also by supporting and encouraging their development. His enthusiasm was infectious and he was instrumental in so many becoming involved in the sport, not least by running the Weightlifting Club in Woking for many years. This award is made in memory of Brian and is only possible because the generosity of his daughter, Sara.
The Award
Each calendar year we will be awarding the sum of £400 to young people in the under 23 category who we decide have made an outstanding contribution to their club in a way that reflects Brian’s ethos. This may be split between a number of young people in any way that we decide.
General Award Criteria
The nominations can be on behalf of your club for young lifters in this age category who are members of your club and should relate to achievements made within the past year. You need to give clear reasons why you are nominating them and include verifiable examples of the nominee's achievements. You don’t need to write lots but make it stand out - this is the only information we will see to make our judgement on. 
These are some examples:
  • A young role model who has motivated and inspired others
  • A young person who has overcome and persevered through challenges
  • A young person who has gone the extra mile or done something extraordinary to support others in the club
How To Nominate
Please submit your nomination by email during the month of January to the chairman of our trustees, Neil Binder, at:
There are no restrictions on the number of nominations that can be made per club. The decision will be made by the current board of trustees whose decision will be final.
Other Information
We may require prize winners to be photographed for publicity purposes.
Winners of the Brian Hamill Award
2023 - Congratulations to:
  • Faye Briggs of Wythenshawe Weightlifting Club
  • Angelique Wallace Bourgoin of Hampshire Barbell Club
2024 - Congratulations to: 
  • Rajan Nagra of Warley Weightlifting Club
  • Sophie Biles of Liverpool Weightlifting Club and Liverpool John Moores University Weightlifting Club